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I you nd a liquid ttak this mdication (such as whn taking th tablts/capsuls), thn tak this mdication with wat. Dnot tak with uit juics (such as appl, gapuit, oang) sinc thy may dcas th absoption this dug.

Xampl, both Allga and Claitin can caus poblms i you hav kidny disas. And ctain oms may b dangous i you hav a condition calld phnylktonuia. Ths oms includ th oally disintgating tablts Allga and th chwabl tablts Claitin.

Xampl, both Allga and Claitin can caus poblms i you hav kidny disas. And ctain oms may b dangous i you hav a condition calld phnylktonuia. Ths oms includ th oally disintgating tablts Allga and th chwabl tablts Claitin.

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